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If you'd like to correspond with other fans of your favorite author then

the 'Jane Austen Pen Pal Club' invites you to join a network of Austen enthusiasts connecting across the miles. 

Inspired by a love for Jane Austen and

letter writing, the 'Jane Austen Pen Pal Club' seeks

to foster communication within the vast community

of Austen fans through an art form enjoyed by 

the author herself, her own letters as entertaining as

her fiction. 

We Are All Writers


Not limited to mere paper or word processor, we write in countless ways.

We write in the sky, and we write in the sand - a broken stick, our stylus and the beach, our blank page.

We etch our names on icy windowpanes and carve our initials on trees.

We paint words on walls and scribble big ideas on small crumpled napkins. 

On the palm of our hand we pen a reminder or the telephone number of our new best friend. 


We write love letters in sidewalk chalk for all the world to see and X's and O's for tic tac toe; 

Even hopscotch squares can be poetry. 

To write is to feel, to express, to reveal. 

We cannot help ourselves; this is what we do.  

We are all writers.


And then there are our letters....

Undeniably, our greatest literary creations because they contain on their pages all of our marvelous doings, drama, and dreams.  Taken together, they are the autobiography we never knew we'd written and the journaling we did with family, lovers and friends. 


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